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Amla Health Benefits and Home Remedies.
Amla Health Benefits and Home Remedies.

Amla Health Benefits and Home Remedies

Amla Health Benefits and Home Remedies:

The following health article details about “Amla Health Benefits and Home Remedies”.

Introduction to Amla (Indian Gooseberry):- Amla tree is grown for its edible fruit which has an excellent health benefits and plays a major role in Ayurvedic (herbal) medicine.  This fruit can be grown tropical and subtropical regions. Amla is also known as “Indian Gooseberry” or simply “Gooseberry” in English. Amla tree is small to medium in size and can reach up to 24 feet in height. Amla flowers are greenish-yellow and the fruit is nearly spherical, light greenish yellow, quite smooth and hard on appearance. Amla is great source of vitamin ‘C’ and excellent for hair and skin health benefits. Growing Amla tree is easy and can plant this tree in back yard for homely use. Amla fruit can be consumed as raw or used for culinary purposes. Some people even make preserves, pickles with it. Due to Amla medicinal and nutritional properties, it has become more popular in recent years especially in cosmetic / beauty industry. Amla can be used in natural way for some of the home remedies. You can prepare Amla related juices / powders / recipes for treating skin and hair related problems. In this article let us discuss more about advantages / health benefits / nutritional facts of Amla / Gooseberry along with home remedies.

Amla Tree.
Amla Tree.

Scientific Name / Botanical Name of Amla:- Phyllanthus emblica L.

Family of Amla:- Phyllanthaceae.

Genus of Amla:- Phyllanthus.

Amla Names in India:- Amla is called with different names in different languages in India. Gooseberry (English), Amla / Amlaka (Hindi), Nellikai (Tamil), Nellikka (Malayalam), Usiri / Usirikayi (Telugu), Amlaki / Amla (Bengali), Ambala / Amla (Gujarati), Avalo (Konkani), Awalah (Marathi), Heigru (Manipuri), Amlakhi (Assamese), Anla (Oriya), Amla (Punjabi), Nelli (Tulu), Amalakam (Sanskrit), Aamla (Urdu).

Amla / Indian Gooseberry in Other Languages of World:- Indian Gooseberry (UK, USA), Indien oie baies (French), halïlaj (Arabic), Anmole (Chinese), Melaka (Malay), zee phyu thee (Myanmar), amalā (Nepali), nelli (Sinhala), me rừng (Vietnamese), ma kham pom (Thai), Indiase kruisbes (Dutch), indische Stachelbeere (German), Indiese appelliefie (Afrikaans), indyjski agrest (Polish), indikó frankostáfylo (Greek), spíonÚn Indiach (Irish), 인도 구즈 베리 (Korean), indiano groselha (Portuguese), Grosella espinosa India (Spanish), Uva spina indiana (Italian), Indisk stikkelsbær (Norwegian), Hndkakan p’shahagharj (Armenian), Intian karviainen (Finnish), Indo no gūzuberī (Japanese), Indijas ērkšķogu (Latvian), Indický angrešt (Czech), Indiska krusbär (Swedish), Hint bektaşi üzümü (Turkish), Индийский крыжовник (Russian), Indiase kruisbes (Danish), Groseille indienne (Georgian), indiai egres (Hungarian),  餘甘子(Taiwanese), Indijas ērkšķogu (Latvian).

Parts of Amla Used:- Bark, leaves, fruits.

Available Forms / Used Forms :- Amla bark, Amla Leaves, Amla Fruit,  Amla Juice, Amla Oil, Amla Powder,  Amla Supplements  / Capsules / Tablets, Dried Amla.

Amla Supplements.
Amla Supplements.

Health Benefits of Amla:- The following are the health benefits of Amla / Indian Gooseberry.

Amla Health Benefits #1: Amla fruit is a good source of vitamin ‘C’ and anti-oxidants.

Amla Health Benefits #2: Consumption of Amla in any form boosts immune power hence helps in fighting with any infections.

Amla Health Benefits #3: Taking Amla / Indian Gooseberry help in preventing from free radicals and also greatly reduce cell damage in the body due to its antioxidants properties. This also works as anti-ageing agent.

Amla Health Benefits #4: Regular Consumption of Amla proven to reduce stomach acidity and inflammation. Amla helps in detoxifying (flushing out toxins) the liver thus protecting liver cells from damage.

Amla Health Benefits #5: Amla helps in preventing from building LDL (bad cholesterol) and reducing clogging in the arteries by increasing good cholesterol. Thus Amla is good for heart health and protects from heart strokes.

Amla Health Benefits #6: Amla is a good source of fiber hence helps prevents from constipation by providing healthy bowel movements. Indian Gooseberry also is excellent fruit for entire digestive system and reduces the gastric problems and stomach upsets. It is an excellent home remedy for curing acidity if taken on empty stomach.

Amla Health Benefits #7:  Amla purifies blood and increases red blood cell production. It also helps in increasing Haemoglobin in the blood.

Amla Health Benefits #8: Amla juice is an excellent natural medicine for curing sore throat and cough. This is more effective when Amla juice is mixed with ginger and honey.

Amla Health Benefits #9: Amla is best natural source of preventing from Jaundice and scurvy due to its antibacterial nature. Take Amla juice regularly to fight against these infections.

 Amla Health Benefits #10: Amla cools the body and protects from summer heat because of high presence of vitamin ‘C’ which improves tannin levels in the body.

Amla Health Benefits #11: Amla said to be preventing certain types of cancers due to its antioxidant properties. These properties prevents from cell damage.

Amla Health Benefits #12: Amla helps in keeping the urinary system healthy. By regular consumption of Amla juice helps in flushing out more toxins without over stimulating the kidney.

Amla Health Benefits #13: The Amla extract or supplements help in slowing down the activity of osteoclasts. Amla helps in keeping your nerve system healthy. Regular consumption of Amla juice is good for stronger nails and teeth.

Amla Health Benefits #14: Amla fights with various infection in the body and it is an excellent natural medicine for allergies, chronic cough, Bronchitis, tuberculosis and asthma.

Amla Health Benefits #15: Amla is a rich source of “chromium” that helps in regulating the carbohydrate metabolism which in results in responding well to the insulin. Amla is helpful in lowering blood sugar level by assisting in the good insulin absorption hence very good for diabetic patients.

Amla Health Benefits #16: Amla boosts memory by rejuvenating the brain. This is possible with rich source of vitamin ‘C’ and antioxidants. Amla also helpful in treating common memory disorders like “Insomnia”. To rejuvenate brain / memory function, take cup of sugarless milk with the murabba of Amla. Amla also said to be a stress buster.

Amla Health Benefits #17: Regular consumption of Amla juice along with honey for couple of weeks will cure the leucorrhoea problems.

Organic Amla Juice.
Organic Amla Juice.

Amla Health Benefits #18: Amla is a good source of losing weight as it helps boost protein metabolism. This will help you lose weight faster.

Amla Health Benefits #19: Amla said to be reducing inflammation and helps in bone related issues in arthritis, osteoporosis. Amla also cures pancreatitis and age-related renal diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Old people having knee pain (joint pains) feel relaxed as it reduces the pain and swelling.

Amla Health Benefits #20: Indian Gooseberry / Amla helps both men and women reproductive systems to overcome difficulty in conceiving. Amla also helps the woman by relieving the menstrual cramps.

Amla Health Benefits #21: Amla prevents of gall bladder stone formation by reducing cholesterol level in bile which is main cause of formation of gall stone.

Amla Health Benefits #22: Amla helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level (LDL), triglycerides and very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) in the body. This can prevent from heart attacks or strokes.

 Amla Health Benefits #23: Amla is very good for eye health. It reduces eye inflammation (itching, watering and redness) and improves eye sight. This will be more effective when Amla juice is consumed with honey.

Amla Health Benefits #24: Due to fiber content and laxative properties, Amla is an excellent natural home medication for diarrhoea constipation.

Amla Health Benefits #25: Amla is very good remedy for skin problems and to enhance the skin beauty.

Amla Health Benefits #26: Due to its anti-ageing properties and other nutritional values, Amla provides natural glow to skin and keeps skin young and fresh. Amla is also being used in in beauty remedies for removing dead cells and wrinkles. Apart from this it is very helpful in removing spots caused by acne and pimples. Amla said to be helpful in repairing damaged skin cells and tightening the skin. It plays very good role in cosmetics and used in face packs.

Amla Health Benefits #27: Amla has an excellent health benefits for Hair. The following are main hair benefits of Amla.

  • Amla treats and prevents from premature hair greying and makes hair strong.
  • Amla Promotes new hair growth and helps in repairing hair damage.
  • Amla helps in removing dandruff.
  • Amla prevents from hair loss / hair fall / hair split ends.

Amla Health Benefits #28: Amla juice helps treat the mouth ulcers and maintain blood pressure.

Amla Health Benefits #29: Regular consumption of Amla juice may help in preventing / treating piles.

Amla Health Benefits #30: Daily consumption of Amla juice prevents from anaemia.

Amla Health Benefits #31: Amla increases diuretic activity which can flush out the toxins (increases frequency and volume of urination).

What is the daily requirement of vitamin C:

  • Infants – below 1 year: 30-35 mg.
  • Children – 1 to 14 years: 40-50 mg.
  • Adolescent – (between 15 to 18 years): 65-75 mg.
  • Men (18 years and above): 90 mg.
  • Women (18 years and over): 75 mg.

Nutrition Facts of Amla:- The following are nutritional facts of Amla.

Serving Size = 100 grams.

  • Moisture: 81.8%
  • Minerals: 0.5 mg.
  • Fiber: 3.4%
  • Calories: 96.
  • Proteins: 0.5%
  • Fat: 0.1%
  • Carbohydrates: 13.8 grams.
  • Iron : 1.2 mg
  • Calcium: 50%
  • Thiamine: 0.03 mg
  • Nicene: 0.2 mg
  • Riboflavin: 0.01 mg
  • Carotene: 9 micro grams

Home Remedies with Amla:- The following are some of the natural home remedies which can be prepared with Amla / Indian Gooseberries.

Amla Home Remedies #1- Greying Hair: Fresh Amla fruit should be cut into pieces and dried in shade for a day or so. Boil these dried Amla pieces in coconut oil till the solid matter becomes like charred dust. The darkish oil should be applied on hair for preventing from greying hair. Soak dried Amla pieces in the water for whole night and use the soaked water as the last rinse when you wash the hair in the morning. For preventing premature greying hair, mix 1 tsp (tea spoon) of Amla juice and 1 tsp of almond oil or few drops of lime juice and apply and massage on the scalp before going to bed.

Amla Powder.
Amla Powder.

Amla Home Remedies #2 – Constipation: Take 1 or 2 fresh Amla fruits, cut into pieces and dry them in shade for 1 or two days. These dried Amla pieces should be soaked overnight. In the morning, mash these pieces and filter the liquid. Add 1 tsp (tea spoon) of honey to the filtered Amla liquid and drink in the morning.

Amla Home Remedies #3 – Skin Problems: Take couple of fresh green Amla fruits, cut into pieces and dry them in shade. Take these dried pieces and grind them into fine powder. Use this powder instead of soap while taking bath.

Amla Home Remedies #4 – Headache: Take couple of fresh Amla fruits and grind them into smooth paste. Apply this paste on affected areas.

Amla Home Remedies #5 – Urinary Problems: 2 tsp of dried Amla and raisins should be soaked overnight in the water separately and mash them, filter the liquid and drink in the morning. Practice this for couple of days.

Amla Home Remedies #6 – Loss of Appetite and Stress / Anxiety: Take fresh green Amla fruits and remove seeds and grind the fruits into a fine paste. Take this paste in a cloth and squeeze for juice. Take 2 tsp of this juice and mix it with 2 full tsp of each lime juice and honey. Add 1 teacup of water and consume on empty stomach every day morning.

Amla Home Remedies #7 – Kidney Stones: Take couple of fresh green Amla and dry them in shade. These dried pieces should be ground into a fine powder. Take this powder along with radish for flush out the kidney stones with urine.

Amla Home Remedies #8 – Piles: 15 grams of Amla and 15 grams of mehndi leaves should be soaked overnight in 500 grams of water. Strain the liquid in the morning and drink this to check the piles.

Fresh Amla Juice.
Fresh Amla Juice.

Amla Home Remedies #9 – Menstrual Disorder in Women: Boil the fresh Amla pulp and take with honey two times a day. This can relieve the pain the bleeding.

Amla Home Remedies #10 – Acidity: Take 1 gram of Amla powder with a little sugar in milk or water twice a day. This will help in curing acidity problems.

Amla Home Remedies #11 – Hair Care:

  • Mix Amla powder in lemon juice and apply this paste on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes before washing the hair. Make the paste of Amla and mehndi leaves.
  • Apply this paste on the hair and let it keep for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, wash the hair with lukewarm water to make your hair black and shining.
  • Wash the hair with decoction of Amla which can remove scalp dryness and prevents dandruff and excessive fall.

Amla Home Remedies #12 – Better Eyesight: Take 1 tsp of Amla powder at night improves eyesight. You can also wash your eyes with Amla water (Soak Amla in water at night and strain it to get the Amla water) in the morning.

Amla Home Remedies #13 – Boils in the Mouth: As Amla has cooling properties, Mix Amla juice with water and gargle twice or thrice a day. This can give you give you relief from the boils. After gargles apply fresh Amla juice on the boils to cure boils in the mouth.

Amla Home Remedies #14 – Jaundice: Take 4 fresh Amla and make a juice then take 4 big raisins (Munakkas) and soak in the Amla Juice. After 45 minutes, grind the soaked raisins and mix it with Amla juice. Take this 2 times a day to get relief from jaundice.

Note: You can get Amla related products like Amla juice, Amla oil, Amla powder, other Amla cosmetic  products in most of the herbal stores like Patanjali, Himalaya.

Precautions / Side Effects of Using Amla or Its Related Products:-

  • Though it is safe to consume in regular doses, if you have any pre-existing medical condition, before taking Amla products in any form, talk to your doctor.

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