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Back Pain Remedies.
Back Pain Remedies.

Back Pain Remedies and Bad Odor Remedies

Back Pain Remedies and Bad Odor Remedies:

Back Pain Remedies:

Back pain is a very common disorder nowadays. It has become a labor risk for many types of work.

However, we wonder why the back hurts?

There are several factors that can contribute to the appearance of these pains as:

  • Load a lot of weight: if you force the muscles, it is easy for it to suffer a painful contracture.
  • Sedentary: Decreased muscle tone due to a sedentary lifestyle is cause of muscle fatigue and propitiates back pain.
  • Postural imbalance: deviations of the spine (scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis) and static foot disorders (flat foot, foot caves) often cause discomfort and discomfort in the back.
  • Psycho-affective disorders: they increase anxiety and favor depression, a condition that can also manifest on a physical level and affect the health of the back.
  • Climate and temperature: especially in the lower back, climatic changes, local cooling, air blows and humidity are a frequent cause of back pain.

Also, during pregnancy and childbirth, the spine and ligaments, tendons and joints undergo an adjustment process that can cause discomfort if preventive measures are not taken, such as stretching or soft exercise (walking).

We must bear in mind that the column is like a file of the activities that we have carried out throughout our work, sports and postural life. That is why, with age, if our habits have not been correct, we are more likely to take our bills.

Tobacco, in this sense, increases the risk of back pain, as it impedes the irrigation of the intervertebral disc and favors cough, which increases pressure on the area. Often, the musculature of smokers is worse off than that of nonsmokers.

On the other hand, personality type, level of anxiety and personal dissatisfaction are other additional risk factors that favor the suffering of back pain.

Back pain remedies:

Natural medicine:

Back Pain Remedies # 1: Put bags of very hot hay flowers on the back

Back Pain Remedies # 2: Make very hot poultices with a handful of fenugreek.

Back Pain Remedies # 3: Making baths at increasing temperature with a handful of pine branches are also advisable.

Back Pain Remedies – Recommendations:

Back Pain Remedies #4: When the pain appears, the specialists recommend rest for the first two days and apply heat in the area with a mat or hot water bottle. Muscular relaxants are also useful, always under medical prescription, taking into account that they produce drowsiness and should not be combined with alcohol.

Back Pain Remedies #5:  Today it is considered that bed rest for more than two days is harmful and that the affected person should be kept as active as possible so that bones and muscles do not weaken, lose flexibility and become more difficult to return to normal life.

Back Pain Remedies #6: It is basic to perform physical activity to tone the muscles and stretches to gain flexibility. In addition to the special exercises recommended by the doctor, the practices that are usually more appropriate in case of back pain are: walking, swimming, cycling or doing corrective gymnastics.

Back Pain Remedies #7: Even if your back pain is chronic, you should try a long-term exercise program before considering the surgery. In a study of candidates for spine surgery, 80% of those who completed a 10-week back strengthening program still did not need surgery after 16 months.

However, it is important to increase the amount and intensity of the exercises gradually, because if you return to your previous activity level too soon, serious back injuries may occur.

Remedies for bad odor.
Remedies for bad odor.

If the use of deodorant appears to be insufficient, it is necessary to make changes in diet, dress, and the products that are applied.

It is important to note that bad odor in the armpits is not exclusively related to inadequate hygiene, there are many factors that influence their appearance, such as sweating, food consumption of strong aromas, such as garlic, and the application of products not compatible with metabolism.

With regard to excessive sweating, perspiration is the process that makes possible the elimination of toxins.

When the temperature of the body increases, sweat appears; however this factor is not necessarily linked to bad smell that occurs when mixed with bacteria present on the skin. For this reason, it is important to attack the situation from all possible edges.

Remedies for bad smell:

To control the sweat glands and in some cases hyperhidrosis, the following home remedies are recommended:

Remedy for bad body odor # 1: Bicarbonate. Mix diluted lemon in water, and apply it on totally dry and clean armpits.

Remedy for bad odor # 2: Aloe vera or aloe vera. Spread the gel from its leaves or leaves directly on the affected area.

Remedy for bad body odor # 3: Salvia. Drink one cup of infusion daily.

Remedy for bad odor # 4: Thyme or rosemary. In case of hyperhidrosis, take an infusion based on these herbs.


Underarm care. At the time of the shower, it is important to apply a neutral soap and avoid those of strong fragrances. In addition, frequent shaving is necessary to prevent the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

Selection of clothing. It is important to avoid wearing very tight garments and synthetic fabrics, because they increase perspiration. It is best to lean on pieces made with natural fabrics and light tones, because dark ones also promote sweating.

Avoid overeating foods with strong odors, such as garlic, onion, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, as well as smoking cigarettes.

Feelings of anxiety and nervousness will make you sweat more. If you anticipate a situation that may upset you, no matter how much you meditate or practice deep breathing, consider using an additional dose of deodorant that morning.

Deodorants only cover the bad odor of the skin, but do not really combat excessive sweating; It is advisable to use anti-transfirants of neutral aromas.

Many times soap or deodorant remains in the armpits due to improper cleaning. An alternative to remove them is to mix apple vinegar with alcohol and apply after the bath with the help of a towel. Subsequently, a neutral fragrance moisturizer should be spread.

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