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Beauty Routine for Daytime and Evening.
Beauty Routine for Daytime and Evening.

Beauty Routine For Daytime and Evening

Beauty Routine For Daytime and Evening:

Daytime and evening beauty routine

In the field of skin care and beauty, every day a new cream or treatment with specific or multiple functions appears.

The truth is that, no matter how effective a cream or treatment may be, the secret to maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin for as long as possible is to follow a routine of correct and well-planned beauty to stick with discipline.

Daytime Beauty Routine:

Beauty Routine #A: Cleaning The first thing to do in the morning before the shower is to clean the skin with a dermolimpiador suitable for the skin type: for fats should be gel or mousse, and for dry skin creams or cleaning fluids; For normal skin any of the above or a mild soap.

In the morning we also have to use a cleanser type make-up, because there is always a residue even if we have not slept with makeup.

Beauty Routine #B: Use Tonesratherthan using a tonic, to regulate your pH and end to remove the last traces, as if the skin is obstructed nothing will work. It is the final step for a thorough cleaning. No tonic should contain alcohol.

Beauty Routine # C: Contours eyes periocular and perioral treatments applied twice: morning and evening, and should begin to be used, usually, from 30 years. Although there are people who have wrinkles before age and begin to use them earlier.

Beauty Routine # D : Hydrate Moisturizing parameters must be chosen texture and skin type. If it is oily skin, use a moisturizing gel or moisturizing cream, which are also better for the day. If it is dry skin it can be cream or emulsion or fluid.

Beauty Routine # E: Sunscreen This step is important in routine as prevention blocker should be applied in the morning and at noon tweak it even if you have makeup, because protection delay maximum 4 hours, and the method for applying is not pass over his face, but with The fingers, in small taps.

Night Beauty Routine:

After a hard day of work, many women only think about sleeping and forget to perform certain beauty routines that, in the long run, are not only healthy but even slow down the aging process.

It is of vital importance, then, to practice these night beauty habits so that the skin can show its maximum splendor.

However, the following questions arise: What is this routine? What are the steps to follow?

Beauty Routine – Essential Steps:

  • The steps presented below allow avoid, where possible, the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections. Here are his steps:
  • Beauty Routine #1 – Remove makeup. It is necessary to remove make-up, either with special wipes or with neutral soap, it is appropriate and should take into account all areas of the face, especially the eyes, to remove the remains of eyeliner, mask or shade.
  • Beauty Routine #2  – Wash the surface.Once the face is free of makeup residue, you should wash the entire area with warm water, including the neck. This allows the skin to relax and open the pores, so that the remains of impurities remaining on the surface can be completely removed. It is advisable to use a neutral soap or glycerin, but without applying it repeatedly, because regardless of its composition, the soap always tends to dry a little. For sensitive and dry skin, the use of gels is preferred.
  • Beauty Routine #3- Apply tonics. As the same name indicates, they help to tone and vitalize the skin, in addition they fulfill the function of closing the pores, so that it is much more difficult for the impurities to remain on the surface. Apart from this, they also provide freshness and softness, and promote the reduction of redness in the skin. Most of the tonics are accompanied by exquisite aromas, so it is advisable to apply them once the skin is completely clean.
  • Beauty Routine #4 – Use creams.The last touch to close the steps of the night beauty routine is to use a moisturizer, preferably charged with vitamins A, C, E, or K. It is necessary to verify that the product is suitable for the skin type. Once chosen, a small portion is applied over the entire surface, influencing the neck and chest .
  • Beauty Routine #5 – Anti-acne medicated creams are also preferably used at night, with clean skin, either localized or throughout the area according to professional prescribing, and are normally used alone. If you are treating acne forget the anti-stain cream or anti-wrinkle cream. When the problem is controlled then the others are used. You could use, if at all, the eye contour, because it does not affect.
  • Rest is essential to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. It is necessary to sleep the necessary, which is an average of six to eight hours a day. During rest, the skin breathes and regenerates naturally, in addition to relaxing and releasing the stresses it has suffered throughout the day. Likewise, a balanced diet and drink plenty of water, is of great help for the conservation of the skin.

Beauty Routine- Always attentive:

You should not neglect any of the essential steps to keep your skin hydrated and enviable. Remember that the commitment you assume depends on the true change in your skin and your general look.

Beauty is a habit, and it is important that you take it as a routine. Taking care of some small details, you will be able to prevent the premature aging, to transmit greater freshness and vitality, which will be reflected in a greater security in your appearance and, therefore, in a greater self-esteem. Do not neglect any small change, since every action, however insignificant it may seem, makes the difference. Love yourself!

Common Mistakes in Hair Care:

Mistakes in Hair Care: Many times we spend large sums of money to have our hair beautiful and shiny.

However, often, despite all our efforts in products and treatments, we fail to reach our goal and we ask ourselves what is happening?

It could be that we, without realizing it, are making recurring errors in the hair care that are going through the bill (dry, brittle, opaque hair, etc.)

Here are some of these mistakes that need to be corrected and thus have the hair that we dream.

Things to avoid to take care of our hair

Wash the hair with warm water:The high temperature in the washing causes the hair strands to open and break, besides drying the mane, dull it and prevent it from growing healthily. The best thing to do is to wash your hair with warm water, to open the cuticle a little and to get rid of waste products easily that could have remained in it. Finally, rinse with cold water, so that the cuticle closes well and generates the natural shine.

Excessive brushing of the hair It is believed that constantly brushing the hair allows it to grow faster and look better; However, it is proven that doing it more than twice a day can cause it to become very weak and vulnerable, and make it fall off easily.

Using fragrances: It is delightful to have hair that gives off a delicious scent when the breeze touches it, but some fragrances used to achieve this end, possess harmful substances that can ruin its appearance, resecting it and favoring the appearance of double tips, not to mention that they can cause Dandruff in case they fall properly into the scalp.

Abusing hair products Abusing shampoos, conditioners, ampoules, masks, gels, lacquers and any other hair products, is counterproductive for the health of the hair, as these generally tend to contain very strong chemicals, which leave a lot Of waste in the scalp and are very difficult to completely detach at the time of washing. Apply the products in moderation and without abusing them.

Insufficient cuts: It is advisable to trim every two months, to maintain a healthy mane. Although your intention is to see it growing longer, take into account that when making the cut is promoted growth, because this does not allow the tips to open too. Thus, you avoid the weakening of the strands their break.

Unprotected Heat Plates and tongs are used directly on the strands and cause greater damage than the dryer. Therefore, before smoothing or curling your mane, dry it completely and apply a thermal protector. Do not ever submit your hair to the heat if it is wet.

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Wash your hair daily: So do some physical activity, washing your hair every day is not recommended to keep you healthy. This action minimizes your natural oils, leaving it shine and leaving it brittle. The ideal is to wash it every two or three days to avoid its weakness.

For those who sweat daily, it is best to apply dry shampoos, an aerosol product that, besides eliminating grease, gives freshness and volume to the hair. Before washing it, it is important to thoroughly wet it. Remember not to exceed the amount of shampoo, and massage with a clamp gesture, opposing the thumb against the remaining fingers, with a movement from top to bottom, to close the hair cuticle.

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