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Brittle Nails Remedies for Strengthening.
Brittle Nails Remedies for Strengthening.

Brittle Nails Remedies & Massages for Hands

Brittle Nails Remedies & Massages For Relaxed Hands:

The following content details about brittle nails remedies & massages for gentle and relaxed hands.

Remedies to strengthen brittle nails: For hands to look beautiful, it is necessary that the nails are strong and healthy. However, many women, despite the care they have with their nails, break or leave with relative ease. In this sense, the following questions arise: Why do the nails become weak? What steps can we take to strengthen them? The main reason for the problem of broken, broken or brittle nails is dryness, and frequent contact with chemicals and detergents used in the home often damages them. Also hormonal problems, the natural process of aging, lack of vitamins, or stress can cause nails to become more thin and brittle.

Remedies for brittle nails

Brittle Nails Remedies  #1: Place some garlic juice in the glazes used.

Brittle Nails Remedies #2 Add few drops of lemon juice to a transparent glaze is used, and let sit for a whole day. The next day, apply a coat of enamel and leave for a week.

Brittle Nails Remedies #3: Soak nails in olive oil. It is advisable to soak the hands between 15 and 30 minutes in half a cup of hot olive oil.

Brittle Nails Remedies #4: Hydrate capsules of vitamin E. In this regard, it should draw the liquid into the capsule and soak nails with it for five minutes, once a day.

Brittle Nails Remedies #5: Moisturize nails with pure (such as Vaseline) petrolatum because it acts as emollient, retains moisture around and under your nails. Therefore, frequent use on the hands helps strengthen the nails.

Brittle Nails.
Brittle Nails.

Recommendations for strengthening brittle nails.

Brittle Nails Remedies #6: Sleep with cotton gloves. During winter, when hands and nails dry faster, it is recommended to put a thick layer of moisturizing cream on your hands before going to sleep and then putting on cotton gloves.

Brittle Nails Remedies #7: Taking care of varnish removers. Frequent manicures dry the nails because the varnish removers contain acetone. Likewise, products made from formaldehyde should be avoided. All this can produce dryness in the nails and even the nails can take a yellowish color. When this happens, you can bleach by gently rubbing some white vinegar with a piece of cotton wool, or soaking once a week with hydrogen peroxide.

Brittle Nails Remedies #8: Stripping, then moisturizing. To counteract the dehydrating effect of varnish remover, be sure to moisturize your hands and nails well after a manicure.

Brittle Nails Remedies #9: Let breathe. Nails, to be strong, have to breathe from time to time. Therefore, it is suggested to remove the varnish one night before making the manicure, and then to be moisturized with a cream or ointment. Moreover, it is recommended to wear the nails without painting a few days to vitalize them.

Brittle Nails Remedies #10: Use short nails. Bringing them short is another way to reduce problems caused by brittle nails. To do this, it should be trimmed or trimmed after bathing, when they are moist and soft. Thus, it is easier and will lessen the possibility of damaging or breaking them.

Brittle Nails Remedies #11: Avoid exposing your nails to water for a long time.   The ends are never good. Just as the dryness makes it easier for the nails to break, so nails dipped in the water for a long time can weaken them. Therefore, it is important to avoid constant contact with water, but if your job wants it, it is better, then, to wear a rubber glove.

Brittle Nails Remedies  #12: Having a balanced diet is necessary to balance food, consuming more protein, antioxidants and minerals.

Consult a dermatologist if, despite all these recommendations are followed nails breaking easily. It is important not to fail to mention to the doctor the medicines that are taken and other symptoms that have been presented. It most likely requires an analysis to detect if you are anemic or there are other causes that cause that problem.

Massages for gentle and relaxed hands

Massages for Gentle and Relaxed Hands.
Massages for Gentle and Relaxed Hands.

With the hands we do many tasks during the day (computer writing, weaving, etc.) and can even be exposed to different strong chemical agents (cleaning products, contaminants, etc.).

Because of this, they can become annoying, hurt and worn.

To avoid this situation, you can implement a series of routines that cover the care of your skin to perform a series of massages that allow to mitigate the muscular tension that is in this zone, to improve the blood circulation and to increase the relaxation.

Here are a few tips on how to do a simple, brief and comforting massage:

■ Heat the area. The first step is to sprinkle some oil or cream on your hands, and rub them to warm them.

■ Relaxation. It begins by giving gentle movements from the palm to the fingers. This can be repeated indefinitely.

■ Pressure. For greater effectiveness, a little force is exerted through circular movements, in the area of ​​the muscles.

■ Rub the fingers. Another fairly effective routine is to rub each of your fingers with the other hand. Then, with the index finger, the tendons of the back of the hand run through, finishing with much softness between the skins of the fingers.

■ Release stress. He takes the whole hand from side to side and squeezes a little. This method helps to de-stress and loosen the tensions that may be in the muscles. Repeat as many times as necessary until you feel relief.

■ Massage your fingers. Use the fingers of one hand as if they were rings, and pass them through the other. Stroke them one by one squeezing very gently.

■ Last movements. He takes the wrist, and with the other hand slow movements are made from top to bottom.

Materials needed to perform an effective and complete massage, you can choose to use oils or creams. It is important to keep in mind that essential oils are not the most suitable for optimal results, as they have a greasy texture and are more difficult to absorb.

Creams that are required for these massages

With regard to creams, it is best to apply those that are moisturizing, such as lotions of almonds, avocado and aloe vera, among others.

A last option, are the products that mix both alternatives, since they are soft application, moisturize and do not leave the skin unctuous.


It should be remembered that no massage should hurt; so it is advisable that people who suffer from skin diseases or infections in the area, do not perform this type of massage, as they can alter their condition.

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