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Fish Oil Health Benefits.
Fish Oil Health Benefits.

Fish Oil Health Benefits Information

Fish Oil Health Benefits:

The following content details about Fish Oil health benefits and its side effects.

Introduction to Fish Oil: Fish oil is one of the most commonly consumed dietary supplements. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for your health. If you do not eat a lot of oily fish, taking a fish oil supplement could help you get enough omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is the fat or oil that is extracted from fish tissue. It usually comes from oily fish such as herring, tuna, anchovies and mackerel. Yet sometimes it’s produced from the livers of other fish, as is the case with cod liver oil.

Doctors recommend eating 2-3 portions of fish per week. This is because the omega-3 fatty acids in fish provide many health benefits, including helping protect against a number of diseases. But if you do not eat 1–2 portions of fish per week, fish oil supplements can help you get enough omega-3s.

Around 30% of fish oil is made up of omega-3s, while the remaining 70% is made up of other fats. Unprocessed fish oil contains some vitamin A and D. It is important to note that the types of omega-3s found in fish oil have greater health benefits than the omega-3s found in some plant sources.

The main omega-3s in fish oil are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), while the omega-3 in plant sources is mainly alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Although ALA is an important essential fatty acid, EPA and DHA have even many more health benefits.

Another reason It is important to get enough omega-3s is because the Western diet has replaced a lot of omega-3s with other fats like omega-6s. This distorted ratio of fatty acids may contribute to a number of Western lifestyle diseases Fish oils come from fatty fish, also known as oily fish; specifically the tissue of fish such as trout, mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines, and salmon.

Apart from omega-3 fatty acids, oily fish are good sources of vitamins A and D. Doctors advise people to consume either plenty of oily fish or to take supplements, because of the supposed health benefits.

Some people confuse between fish oils and cod liver oil, they are different. Fish oils are extracted from the tissue of deep sea oily fish such as mackerel, tuna, herring, and salmon. Cod liver oil, by contrast, is extracted solely from the livers of cod.

Fish oil helps in:

  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Reducing triglycerides.
  • Slowing the development of plaque in the arteries.
  • Reducing abnormal heart rhythm.
  • Reducing likelihood of heart attack and stroke.
  • Lessening the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease.

Health Benefits of Fish oil:-The following are some of the health benefits of fish oil

Fish oil Health Benefits #1: Helps in Reducing Weight

Fish oil has is said to be very effective in loosing weight. Greater weight loss has been shown taking fish oil supplements through out there weight loss program compared to those who didn’t take fish oils. Fish oil supplementation helps in improving body composition and risk factors for heart disease in obese people. Some studies have shown that fish oil supplementation, in combination with diet or exercise, can help you lose weight.

Fish oil Health Benefits #2: Decreases Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies have claimed that regular consumption of fish oil will prevent people from developing Alzheimer’s disease. A diet rich with omega-3 oils, fish, vegetables and fruits reduces these diseases. The essential fatty acids presents in fish oil are vital for brain function not only slow cognitive decline, but can help prevent brain atrophy it acts as a defense against as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fish oil Health Benefits #3:  Reduces Anxiety

Fish oils has many tremendous neurological benefits .From birth to old age fish oils helps in promoting a healthy brain and heart. Research has shown fish oils to help relieve depression, sadness, mental fatigue, stress, restlessness, decreased libido, and nervousness. Research has also shown positive of fish oils on Bipolar Disorder. The study found taking fish oil or its supplements has drastic decrease in the amounts of homicides and frequency of violence.

Fish oil Health Benefits #4: Improves Heart Health

The omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish oils will protect the heart from stress. It has the ability to promote healthy heart and reduces heart diseases, heart attack, heart failure and congenital heart diseases. There are many benefits in fish oil like it will increase the good cholesterol levels and decreases the bad cholesterol levels, decreases triglycerides levels, reduces blood pressure, prevents plaques and reduces fatal arrhythmia.

Fish oil Health Benefits #5: Reduces Multiple Sclerosis

Fish oils helps to decrease people with multiple sclerosis. A study found that omega-3 fatty acids do not help people with multiple sclerosis.

Fish oil Health Benefits #6: Reduces Inflammation

Fish oil contains strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce symptoms of inflammations. Inflammation is a way to fight infections. Inflammations can be at low levels or over long periods. This long period inflammation is called chronic inflammation. Fish oil as said contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in decreasing chronic inflammation.

Fish oil Health Benefits #7: Asthma

Lack of omega-3 and omega-6 can result in Asthama. Asthma is a condition where airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. For some people, asthma is a minor nuisance. For some others, it can be a major problem that interrupts there daily activities and may lead to a life-threatening asthma attack. Fish oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 which in turn prevents asthma.

Fish oil Health Benefits #8: Prevents Cancer

Several studies have proven that fish oil is a effective natural remedy for treating some cancers. There are many types of cancers like colon cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is said that it is a stand-alone therapy for natural cancer treatment. Cancer is called malignancy is an abnormal growth of cells. This fish oil helps in preventing some types of cancers and kills cancer causing cells.

Fish oil Health Benefits #9: Helps Arthritis

Fish oil is extremely effective natural remedy for arthritis and many other joint diseases. There are many anti-inflammatory properties found in fish oil that helps decrease arthritis. A study states that fish oil is rich fared against treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Fish oil Health Benefits #10: Controls Depression

Fish oil contains EPA and DHA that helps in decreasing depression where there is lack Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats. Researchers found that there was a 40 percent decrease in major depression disorder symptoms in addition to marked improvements in amino acid and nutrition content in the brain, specifically, the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Fish oil Health Benefits #11: Improves Immune System Function

An animal study revealed that when the antioxidant astaxanthin is combined with fish oil, the immune-boosting power is multiplied. The researchers believe that the results of this study are definitely applicable to human health. They conclude that the study reinforces the health-promoting effects of habitual fish consumption. Salmon is a fish that naturally contains both fish oil and astaxanthin.

Fish oil Health Benefits #12: Treats some Mental Disorders

Your brain is made up of nearly 60% fat, and much of this fat is omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, omega-3s are essential for normal brain function. Some studies suggested that people with certain mental disorders have lower omega-3 blood levels. Interestingly, studies have shown that fish oil supplementation can prevent the onset or improve the symptoms of some mental disorders. It can reduce the risk of psychotic disorders. Supplementing with fish oil can help reduce some symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Fish oil supplementation can improve the symptoms of certain psychiatric disorders.

Fish oil Health Benefits #13: Healthy Skin

The EPA present produces arachidonic acid in the skin that helps in treating illness. This EPA present in fish oil helps in improving dryness on skin. It also helps in solving itching, psoriasis and skin lesion.

Fish oil Health Benefits #14: Helps during Pregnancy

Fish oil helps to avoid premature births, miscarriages and low birth weight. Fish is very beneficial for pregnant women because DHA present in it helps in the development of eyes and brain of the baby. A study states that a diet with low amount of fish resulted in a high risk of premature or preterm babies. It is important to consume fish oil either by consuming fish or taking its supplements, tablets or pills that helps in overall development of the babies and well being of the mother. Doctors say that women who do not have a sufficient DHA and EPA in their diet suffer from depression after child birth.

Note:  Fish oil should not be consumed during pregnancy as cod liver oil is high vitamin A and retinol that usually causes birth defects.

Fish oil Health Benefits #15: Decreases Liver Fat

Usually liver related diseases are very common in obese people. Liver processes most of the fat in the body and results in weight gain. Liver disease is these days increasing especially non alcoholic fatty liver diseases, which do the accumulation of fat in the liver.

Fish oil Health Benefits #16:  Strengthens Bone Health

High omega-3 intake is associated with higher bone density, which in turn prevents bone diseases. Some studies have suggested that not only calcium and vitamin D that are known to improve the bone density, but also omega-3 fatty acids are also proven to be very beneficial and decreases the amount of fat in the liver.

Fish oil Health Benefits #17: Improves Memory

Consuming Omega-3 fatty acid helps in improving working memory in healthy young adults. A study suggested that high levels of omega-3 are of no benefit to cognitive decline in older women.

Fish oil Health Benefits #18: Hair Care

Fish oil contains omega-3 that has growth stimulation properties, which provides nourishment to the follicles that helps in maintaining a good luster. Proteins are very necessary for hair growth and prevent hair loss and development of hair. As we know most of the fish varieties are rich in protein and eating fish helps to keep hair healthy.

Fish oil Health Benefits #19: Ache

The EPA present in the fish oil is known to inhibit androgen formation, which affects the formation of sebum in the hair follicles that in turn leads to acne. This oil is very effective for acne. This along with many other compounds is reason for fish oil benefits those who suffer from acne is very effective natural remedy that treats acne.

Fish oil Health Benefits #20: Improves Blood Circulation

Fish oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 presents in fish oil that reduces triglyceride and serum cholesterol levels, that helps in improving the blood circulation over all flow through out the body.

Fish oil Health Benefits #21: ADHD

Fish oil has the ability to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as it contains high amounts of fatty acids. For children suffering from hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyspraxia, inability to complete tasks, emotional instability, wavering attitude, poor coordination, short attention span, short-term memory weakness, low concentration, tendency to interrupt others, recklessness, hastiness, impetuosity, impulsiveness, fish oil is a proven remedy. Since, human brain consists of about 60% fats, especially essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, it helps to improve the functions of the brain. Fish oil is used in the normal development of the brain, and also helps your child concentrate on their studies. It has also been found that when pregnant women are given regular doses of fish oil, their toddlers display enhanced hand-eye coordination.

Fish oil Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts:-The following are the nutritional facts of fish oil.

Serving=100 grams

  • Calories – 902.
  • Total Fat – 100 g.
  • Saturated fat – 21 g.
  • Polyunsaturated fat – 16 g.
  • Monounsaturated fat – 57 g.
  • Cholesterol – 766 mg.
  • Sodium –  0 mg.
  • Total Carbohydrate – 0 g.
  • Dietary fiber – 0 g.
  • Protein – 0 g.
  • Vitamin A  –  0%.
  • Vitamin C  –  0%.
  • Calcium     –   0%.
  • Iron   – 0%.
  • Vitamin D   –   0%.
  • Vitamin B6  –  0%.
  • Vitamin B12 –  0%.
  • Magnesium  –  0%.

Side effects from omega-3 fish oil may include:

  • A fishy taste in your mouth.
  • Fishy breath.
  • Stomach upset.
  • Loose stools.
  • Nausea.
  • Cough.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Hives, itching, or skin rash.
  • Puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue.
  • Tightness in the chest.
  • Unusual tiredness or weakness.

More Common Side Effects

  • Diarrhea.
  • Difficulty having a bowel movement (stool).
  • Difficulty with moving.
  • Fever.
  • Full or bloated feeling.
  • Headache.
  • Loss of taste.
  • Muscle aches.
  • Muscle pain or stiffness.
  • Nausea.
  • Pain in the joints.
  • Pressure in the stomach.
  • Sore throat.
  • Stuffy or runny nose.
  • Swelling of the abdominal or stomach area.
  • Unusual tiredness or weakness.
  • Vomiting.

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