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Nail Care Tips and Tricks.

Nail Care Tips, Tricks and Nail Art Info

Nail Care Tips and Tricks for Beautiful and Attractive Nails:

The following article lists of all nail care tips.

Introduction: Everyone women love to have beautiful nails and hands. Like skin care or a trendy haircut, well-shaped nails are an integral part of a neat appearance that makes an asset in business and social world.

Our hands come in contact with many things which personify the beauty of our nails. Nails shape, strength and appearance reflect the way and show how self-caring and hygienic you are. To continue the beauty of your hands, you should take care of your nails and routine according to your need.

There are many articles and many people suggest how to do manicure and pedicure and many other techniques to maintain beautiful nails, today lets us discuss in depth about how to get beautiful nails that are also strong. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep your nails and hands always beautiful.

Here are some health skin tips and tricks for healthy and attractive nails:

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #1 – Avoid Rough boards:

Always remember to file your nails with a smooth and fine file. Experts say to file nails in one direction only and do it slowly to reduce to risk of breakage.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #2 – Taking Vitamin ‘B’ Supplements:

Several studies have found that vitamin ‘B’ supplements like biotin increases nail thickness and prevents from breaking.

Gelatin is the one of the supplement that does work.  Studies say eating or soaking in it increase nail strength and nail growth too.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #3 – Don’t cut or change cuticles:

Cuticle for nails is the natural barrier to fungus, bacteria and many other infections. If you breach cuticle your protection is lost. The cuticles may swell and ragged, but also land with an infection that harms the nail bed and nail damage.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #4 – Don’t over wash your hands:

It is healthy to wash your hands frequently, but over doing it many break your nails. When you are doing house work or laundry decrease contact with harsh chemicals including soaps and dish wash liquids by wearing rubber gloves.

If you are in a profession where regularly washing your nails is mandatory, expert’s advice to apply moisturizer regularly and little more around cuticles and many times.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #5 – Wipe your nails with vinegar:

Take some vinegar on cotton ball and rub it on your unpolished nails and then apply nail polish. This makes your nail polish last longer.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #6 – Use an acetone-free based nail polish remover

Nail remover plays a major role in making or breaking nails. Choose a acetone free formula based nail polish remover. You should also choose removers of popular brands that help you save your nails from breaking.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #7 – Massage your nails:

For healthy fingernails, pamper them daily with a gentle buffing or a massage. This increases circulation to the nails, keeping them from cracking and peeling.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #8 – Limit Professional manicure:

Studies reveal that people who does regularly most likely suffer from dry, brittle nails. People who do manicure frequently suffer from nail bed infections and reddened areas around the nail.

It is a wise choice to take your own tools to manicure. This will definitely cut down on the risk of infections and a healthier nails.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #9 – Wear gloves:

If you regularly cook, clean or your hands are in water for most of the time make sure you use gloves. Gloves will save you from harsh soap chemicals and save water too.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #10 – Rose water with hydrogen peroxide and glycerin

Use rose water with glycerin and hydrogen peroxide. Mix 50 ml hydrogen peroxide and 10 grams of glycerin with 40 ml of rose water, apply it on your nails. This mixture gives you a brightening nails.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #11 – Soak nails in salt:

Mix 3 tablespoons of salt in some water and soak your nails for 15 minutes this makes your nails strong and healthy. Do this regularly for strong nails.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #12Aloe gel:

Use aloe extract to heal the cracks that we get during cold weather around the cuticles. Applying this makes your hands and soft and nails shiny.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #13 – Calcium intake:

Most of the people’s nails get broken and are very thin, this is just due to calcium deficiency. Experts advised to take milk, boiled eggs, curd as they are very rich in calcium. Add calcium rich food in your diet.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #14 – Round edge nails:

Always remember to grow your nails round edged than sharp edge because sharp edge nails are more easily broken. Round edged do not break so easily

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #15 – Tips to apply nail polish:

How to Apply Nail Polish.
How to Apply Nail Polish.

Beauty of a women hand and nails depends on how well you make them look attractive and elegant with beautiful nail polishing and nail art.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #16 – Nail Polish Tips – Select a best quality nail polish and nail removers:

Always choose a best quality nail polish which does not contain harmful chemicals. And very importantly make sure you use harmless or less chemical removers, which protects your nails.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #17: Nail Polish Tips – Nail polish contain no foreign particles and bubbles:

Applying nail polish is an art. Keep your nail polish in a safe place close the cap tight if not foreign particles go inside and also the nail polish becomes dry.

Also make sure there are no bubbles in nail polish. To avoid bubbles before applying shake the bottle gently and then apply.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #18 – Nail Polish Tips – Apply in layers:

Always apply nail polish in thin layers. Apply in 2-3 thin coats. Thick coats take time to dry and chip faster, where as thin coats will avoid chipping and will dry faster.

Nail Care Tips and Tricks #19 – Nail Polish Tips – Clean the surroundings after applying polish:

Clean the surroundings of the nails as soon as you apply nail polish. After applying nail polish make sure you clean your cuticles with remover or nail brush etc.

Nail Polish.
Nail Polish.

Nail Art:

Are you looking for a beautiful and gorgeous way to add flair to your look?  Nail art can complement your outfit for a special event or add a unique touch to your personality every day.

Detailed nail art is best left to professionals, there are a number of designs you can create yourself. There are many designs that makes your nails attractive.

Nail Art.
Nail Art.

Nail Care before Doing Nail Art

  • Remove old nail polish
  • Trim and shape your nails to make them look neat
  • Apply a base coat. Apply one layer of base coat and let it dry before proceeding for nail art.

There are many designs in nail art example: Beginners designs, Add glitter on nails, Add jewel or stickers on nails, polka dots designs etc.

Paint just the tip of your nail with different color. 

Choose two colors that will look great on the same nail.

  • Apply a basecoat color or a clear basecoat. Allow the polish to dry.
  • Place a French manicure sticker across your nail, leaving the tip exposed. If you don’t have a French manicure sticker, use a similarly-shaped sticker, such as the circular stickers that reinforce punched holes in paper.
  • Paint the tip color above the sticker.
  • Remove the sticker while the paint is still wet, so you don’t pull of chips of paint with it when you take it off.
  • Allow the design to dry completely and finish it off with clear top coat.

Add a jewel or sticker to your nail

Start with a coat of your favorite nail polish and accent it with a pretty decoration.

  • Apply a base coat color or a clear base coat. Allow the polish to dry.
  • Place a dab of nail glue or nail gel on your nail. Put it high on the nail, toward the tip, or in a lower corner. Think about where it will look best.
  • Pick up the jewel or sticker with a pair of tweezers and drop it onto the gel or glue. Use the tweezers to gently press it into place. Allow the glue to dry.
  • Paint a clear top coat over the nail to keep the sticker or jewel from falling off.

Go with a glitter effect

  • Mix loose glitter with nail gel or clear polish and apply it to your nails. When the application has dried, add a top coat.
  • Cover one or more of your nails with nail gel or polish. Dust the nails with glitter and allow them to dry before finishing off with a top coat.

Create simple dots:

Choose two colors, a base coat and a dot color. If you’d like, you can use multiple colors for the dots.

  • Apply the basecoat color. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Dip a small brush, toothpick or pin into the polish you chose for the dots and lightly tap the implement on your nail. Continue doing this until your nail has as many dots as you want. For other effects, you can create dots of varying sizes by using thinner or thicker-tipped implements. To make fading or trailing dots, dip the implement in the paint once and apply several dots without reapplying paint. You can also use your fine-tipped implement to drag the paint out from the wet dot to create rays, swirls and other designs.
  • When the dots are dry, finish with a clear top coat.

Make a floral design:

An arrangement of dots can be made to look like a flower. Choose three colors: a base coat color, a color for the center of the flowers, and a color for the petals.

  • Apply the basecoat. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Use a thin-tipped brush or toothpick to place groups of five dots arranged in circles on your nails. These are the petals.
  • When the petal dots dry, use the same color to paint a simple circle in the center of the petal dots. You can add extra detail by placing a tiny white stripe in the center of the petals, or creating leaves with green nail polish. Take care not to crowd too many flowers on each nail. Make sure the flowers are distinct from one another.
  • When the flower designs are dry, finish with a clear topcoat.

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